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Our grand vision for Quuu as a company

Daniel Kempe
4 min readFeb 19, 2021


At the beginning of this year (2021) we (The Quuu team) set out to build the ultimate content discovery platform and content creator tool with the following visions...

We want to build a place where people can discover new content and follow their favourite content creators, a place where people can read, listen and watch content, a place where real discussions take place and where people share content they really love.

We want to build a place for content creators to use as their base, a place where all their content lives, a place that has discovery built-in so content is never left on the shelf, a place where creators can build an engaged audience and ultimately make a living by offering premium content and services.

Introducing Discover by Quuu

The Quuu Discover dashboard
Discover by Quuu main dashboard

What you see above is the main dashboard a person looking for content would see. They can create custom filters to ensure the content is always relevant to them. The content is sorted by the number of upvotes it has received from the community. Just like with Product Hunt, this can uncover any potential hidden gems.

When you click a post, you’ll be able to read the content using our non-intrusive reader mode experience (No browser extension required).

Customise your experience with font styles, sizes and themes.

You can even listen to content with our text-to-speech option and built-in audio player.

With easy ways to share and engage with content, this makes Discover the ultimate discovery platform.

Discover by Quuu content creator profile

Follow your favourite creators to always be up-to-date with what they are doing.

See all their latest content across many mediums all from one place. This could include blog articles from their main site, Medium or Substack, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, podcasts, ebooks, digital downloads and more!

Discover makes it easy to subscribe to your favourite creators and even support them via premium content on offer.

Sharing is simple too, connect your social media profiles directly to Quuu, or connect via a third-party scheduling tool like Buffer, HubSpot, Hootsuite and others to share content you discover to your social media followers.

Discover for content creators.

A Discover profile is THE home for all their content. They can add their blog posts, their videos on YouTube, ebooks and morer all in ONE place.

They can connect with services like Mailchimp in order to build an email list and even offer premium content.

Unlock premium content graphic

Every piece of content on Discover will have an “upvote” number and a list of people who shared it. This provides social proof to prospective readers/buyers and each post will have active discussions that you can be a part of.

All of this engagement and content consumption happens directly within the Discover platform, no need to move from site to site or from login to login anymore.

The reader mode experience for creators

The current problem for content creators is that reader mode usually strips out all the ways in which a creator can profit from their content. Say goodbye to newsletter opt-in forms, ads and the like with a normal reader mode experience.

This is where our completely unique ‘Build Mode” comes in…

Build mode — Discover by Quuu

The content creator has full control over how people view their content in reader mode. They can add things like newsletter opt-in forms, polls, click to tweets and more by simply dragging and dropping the various elements to specific places on the page, and eventually add even more tools and services by using our built-in app store.

This ensures the reader still has a consistent and non-intrusive reading experience but doesn’t miss out on interactive tools like polls and being able to support the author via newsletter subscriptions or ads.

And then eventually, they’ll be able to create SEO friendly content within Quuu itself (but under your their own domain name) and offer it for free or set it as a premium option so people can pay to unlock a creator’s article, video, blog post or even digital downloads!


With Discover as a content consumer, you can discover and experience all content types, follow creators you love, and share content all from one place.

With Discover as a content creator, you’ll have an online portfolio for all your content with discovery baked-in and a way to monetise your audience with no restriction on where you actually create the content in the first place.



Daniel Kempe

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